Custom tonality system and root note


The custom tonality system is a powerful way of creating alternative scales. These are great for non-Western music, as well as for ancient European music.

Something that could make programming much easier is separating the scale and the root note. If I’m not wrong, very often in Baroque music you start tuning from D. With the current system, starting from A, you have to compensate the detuning while tuning subsequent intervals.

An handier way would be to have a ‘neutral’ scale (better of 12, than 7 degrees, to allow fine programming of major and minor intervals), and a root note shifting it to the real scale.


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I agree! Something like this could perhaps be implemented next to the existing system. It would be handy to have a list of 12 scale degrees whose pitches could be altered, thereby creating one’s own temperament. It would indeed also be necessary to be able to determine the root note. Let’s hope that Dorico will someday support these kinds of alternate tonality systems, as well as Hermode tuning.

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