Custom Track Icons/Pictures - Transparency Solution (while w

From the Track Pictures Browser select User option.

Click Import and select your Icon using any of the supported formats.
If successful the image will be placed in the user browser and will be available for use.
Irritation #1
You have to import your Icons/Pictures one by one. (Even with drag and drop)

Irritation #2
If your selected Icon contains a Transparency colour , Cubase will change it to a solid colour.

Actually Cubase makes a copy of your imported image (with the new solid colour) and places it in the folder C:\Users???\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\User Content\Track Pictures
You must now open this folder. Then copy and replace the Cubase generated file with your original Icon file (containing Transparency).

Frustration #1
Close you Project and reopen it again.

You should now see your user icons with the correct transparency.

Final Satisfaction.
You only have to go through this process once and then your Icons will be available to all projects.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, It works. pictures look much better now.

Today I’ve found much easier way to get all your pictures transparent and available.

1.All your pictures must have transparent background.
2.If you have a project with track pictures in use, go to its folder->track pictures and copy to that folder all your new stuff.
3.Start Cubase and load that project. A pop-up dialog will appear “This project contains pictures which are not part of your library. Do you want to make them available in other projects?”
4.Click “Yes” and that’s it.
All your pics will be copied to the common pics folder and you can use them.



This works well.
I greated a dummy project so that it opens quickly and inported all my icons at once.

Now all we need is Stienberg to make the icons available in all tracks/folders/groups/fxs, etc in the Project Window and MixConsole

Thanks for the tip. :smiley:

and in and outputs

Hello all !
I made a dedicated page of it on my website.
All my custom track icons are free to download and I made a video tutorial about it with a really cool tips (English and French).
Hope you will enjoy it !