Custom user rulers

Please, add custom user rulers to the project window and the key editor.

When I add a marker I can’t see any visual indication, so I’m not sure if this is a bug or a new feature.

This rulers should work like the rulers of any image processing software:

  • To add a ruler you create a marker, or just drag from the left side.
  • To move a ruler you click and drag that ruler.
  • To remove a ruler you drag it to the left side.

Also, it would be a good idea to add some features to this:

  • Option to snap or not to rulers.
  • Option to lock rulers.

Another interesting feature related to this rulers would be something like the “|”, “||:” and “:||” notation simbols, selecting the type of ruler with some menu icons or with a double click on the ruler, and ideally with an option to edit the number of repetitions for each loop ruler (maybe in the markers window).
This should speed up composition tasks, making a better interface and also allowing more complex structures.

I’d love this — kind of like a marker that puts a line down across all tracks. Great idea.