custom VST3 Preset folder

I once configured my Cubase to save VST3 Presets to a folder “D:\VST Presets” because it is easier to find while backing up. However I can’t figure out how i did it :blush: The factory VST3 Presets are in the default folders, but my own presets are in D:\VST3 Presets. Somehow the Save Preset dialog of e.g. Retrologue knows where to save my custom VST3 Presets (on the D-drive), so the indication is somewhere in the system. I’m wondering when switching to Windows 8 how I should configure this again the same way, because it’s a good way to work. I searched the Windows registry for the path “D:\VST3 Presets” but didn’t find any clue, so it has to be stored somewhere else.