Customer Support Complaint

So I had a CONFIRMED 3:00 PM telephone conference with Jeff Deno of Customer Support to have them log on my computer remotely and fix a problem with my eLicenser which is preventing me from succesfully using Cubase Artist 6 on a new machine since I ran out of memory on the old one.

I have Cubase successfully installed as well as the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center and it still tells me that it cannot find the file SYNSOACC etc etc

Well, my wife took teh afternoon off to await his call and he NEVER called and is not responding to my emails.

How do I report this Jeff Deno to his supervisor and/or file a complaint with Corporate? I spent hundreds of dollars on Steinberg products and not only have I been ignored, but they confirmed a telephone call and then left us hanging.

VERY disappointed. I will never buy another product from them again if this is how they will treat their customers…

Maybe you’re unforunate by dint of this being Christmas. They do seem to have quite long breaks at this time in Germany and communication does seem to be difficult at this time over the years.

Quick bump in the hope someone rings a bell for you and they get in touch very soon.


I cannot tell you what went wrong, but I know that my collegues in the US always try to give the best. Sometimes things can happen, and becaurse o that an appointment can go wrong. Please get in contact with him again or our US support.
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@ Conman: our HQ is always “on line” even during christmas & new year. It is with a smaller staff, but we try to get the most important stuff answered during that week.



Are you really that anal that you need to report him? Maybe he took ill, and called in sick today. Maybe one of his kids is sick. Maybe a pipe burst in his house. Maybe he got so hung up with other customers, he just ran out of time…there are a plethora of reasons as to why he might not have called. Are you sure you left the proper phone #? Even if he did screw up and not call you through his own fault - was this such a blatant customer service failure, and has this happened repeatedly, to where he needs to be reported???

I have dealt with Jeff for years both over the phone and via email. I found him to be nothing but pleasant and knowleadgeable. I am sure he will offer an apology when you speak with him, but in the mean time, relax.

Don’t agree about ‘anal’. If 3pm is said, then ring at 3pm or at least that pm, that’s not '‘anal’

Thanks, didn’t appreciate that. Also didn’t appreciate the enquiry was US based.

An explanation of a synsoacc error (after a 10 second google) can be found here:
It could be suggested that that isn’t a Cubase or eCC problem but a registry corruption issue but they did agree, apparently, to call back and most support will have tried to help.

A quick fix would be to try reinstalling both the licenser and Cubase.
As it seems to be a new computer then a call to the computer maker support may be more practical as, say, Dell etc computer makers install their own maintenance programs on their machines which can be just a little notorious for interfering with later installations of powerful programs.
If that is the case and the problem continued then I would clean the computer and reinstall W7 from scratch and etc.

But really I have to have a little sympathy with Jeff Hyatt’s view, if you’re not prepared to do a little research yourself then it is a little bit much calling for a public flogging. :mrgreen:

BTW I most always look around for solutions myself before ringing the support to both avoid over-reactions of my own and to inform myself of the proper question to ask and also to gain a little understanding of the answers given.
But I am perfect. :astonished:

If you think you’ve got it rough, try getting tech support in Australia. There’s one person allocated for the entire country - and they’re never in their office and they don’t call back :frowning:

Luxury! In Europe that probably equates to one guy for the whole of London! I think you’ll find he does the Galapagos Islands as well. :mrgreen:

Well as Im stuck in Sunny Poland…That means according to customer support, that Im ineligible for any acknowledgment of having ever even existed on the planet earth! :laughing:

No email - No Phone blah blah…So count yourself lucky even to have a chance to talk to someone!. :wink:

and yeah, things can & do go wrong with peoples schedules everyday…Give Jeff a chance to explain or apologise…its christmas!