Customer support experience. Have you contacted support lately?

Hello. I didn’t really know where to post this, so I take the chance posting it here.

This is the case: My laptop with the licenser plugged in was thrown out the window of my apartment in 5th floor by my lovely ex-girlfriend and both laptop and licenser was of course completely destroyed. I got a new computer and a new licenser (no new girlfriend yet), but I cannot find a way to transfer my licenses to the new licenser when I don’t have the old licenser working! The serial numbers for Cubase or my upgrades are no longer working as they are already used. So take good care of your licenser folks! I was lucky because Steinberg released Cubase 9.5 at the time I got the new licenser, so I have been able to work meanwhile. But now I have only 3 days left of the demo so I really need help ASAP! :cry:

I requested support almost a month ago now, I claimed a ticket December 08, 2017, and still I haven’t got an answer! :open_mouth: So I’m asking myself if they are completely overrun by requests or if my ticket has been overlooked or filtered into some kind of limbo or something (I have been working as a customer support agent myself so I know that can happen with some CRM-systems) and I’m really starting to wonder what’s going on… I even claimed a new ticket 6 days ago just to be sure and because it’s getting really urgent now. No answer there eiter. I have been trying to call the support hotline as well (from Norway, Scadinavia) but I get informed that the number is not in use. It’s a number shared with United Kingdom, Ireland, BeNeLux, Scandinavia, Portugal: +49 (0)40 299 962740. Does anyone knows if their number is down? Though, I tried to call close to 5PM today and that’s when they’re closing the hotline so that might be the reason why I got that message.

Anyways, what is your experience with the support waiting time in general? Anyone claimed a ticket lately? How long time did it take to get help?
Many people rely on many of Steinberg’s products just as I do, so I think it’s important to get help within a reasonable time. And I think it says on the support page that they will try to answer within 3 days or something like that, certainly much less than a month!

I have never even thought about leaving Cubase for any other DAW and I have recommended it to every person that have asked me for advice on which DAW to choose. I have spent hundreds of Euros on Steinbergs products and I expected and believed in good customer care in return. But this experience actually makes me consider converting to another developer and not recommend Steinberg to anyone because I’m really disappointed. I hope this is just a mistake of some kind. If I don’t get feedback from them before my 9.5 demo runs out on Sunday I will definitely start trying other ones!

When your trial runs out you can apply for ZDT.


Thanks a lot! But still I think support should provide an answer within a month …