Customise 'Create Unique File Name' behaviour on exported audio?

When working on game sound effects, we usually have a bunch being worked on, on a timeline, with marker regions named with the filenames that we then export to get a bunch of sounds with the correct filenames ready to be put in a game.

To keep a kind of version control, it would be really easy to just hit Export again after making some changes, and have Create Unique File Name give them a version number.

However at the moment the default format on Create Unique File Name is to add a dash and a number to the end of the filename (e.g. “-01”) - that’s not the most ideal way of numbering them for us, we’d prefer to have something like “_v01” at the end.

Is there any way to customise this behaviour? Perhaps something I can edit somewhere behind the scenes?

Of course there’s probably some other way of doing this with the naming options, but I’d like to see if there’s a way of doing it this way first as it would be the safest knowing it’ll never overwrite an old version unintentionally.

Unless I am terrebly misunderstanding the question …
Isn’t that what the whole naming scheme is designed for?

Cycle Marker Name + Name (Type in V01) (Set Separator to _)

Or any other combination that you fancy…


The advantage of the Create Unique File name option means I don’t have to do that, and it’ll automatically create a new number version one above the previous version that’s in the same export folder, so no need to keep track of what the previous version was called, and no risk of overwriting or confusing stuff, particularly when you have multiple people potentially working on the same project.

It’s just the current format of “-01” etc appended to the end isn’t ideal.

I see.
The separator field only applies to the settings in the naming scheme.

That being said, although not designed for that, you have found a good usage of the “create unique File Name”.

For me presonally, your system wouldn’t work, because it randomly numbers export files.
So you can end up with Arrow01_v-01, Arrow02_v-08, Arrow03_V-05, etc …
How can you keep track of the version numbers of each exported “final”?
When I see Arrow02_V-08, then I automatically assume that there is a #8 version for the other files too.
So, how can anyone involved in the process know which version number is the correct one?
I prefer to have all files, even if they haven’t changed to have the same version number.
And when there is too much to export, I name the corrected file: Filenamexxxx_V02_Rev-01.
So I only have one file to document/communicate.

That being said, I rarely work for the Gaming Industry, so my way of working might not work at all.

Best regards

I see what you’re getting at, but we’ll be exporting sounds as batches, so we’d always be exporting all the versions of ‘Arrow’ for example at the same time so shouldn’t end up with mixed up version numbers.

I guess naming everything “_V” at the end so it calls them say “Arrow02_V-02” etc could work, but it is a little … ugly.

Overall, I guess the answer to the original question is “no”?

Yes, the answer is no.

The separator field only applies to the settings in the naming scheme.


Thanks, I’ll come up with some other solution.