Customizable Colors in Key Editor Do Not Survive Reboot

I don’t know if this function is “working as it was designed in Cubase.” I sure hope not.

When the color swatches in the MIDI Editor/Event Colors are edited/reconfigured, they remain active in the current project, and even remain active in newly created projects provided Cubase has not been rebooted. After reboot all reconfigured color swatches are reset to factory defaults. IIRC, this issue has been around since at least Cubase 6. Were these customizable Event Colors designed to not survive a reboot?

How to reproduce this issue…

  1. Create a MIDI track
  2. Open it in the key editor
  3. Access the customizable color swatches in the Event Colors drop down by selecting “Setup…”
  4. Edit/reconfigure one or more color swatch
  5. Reboot
  6. Color swatches are reset to factory defaults

Forgot to add…

Win 7
Cubase Pro 8.5.15