Customizable Menus

I’d like to have the ability to customize Menus like in Nuendo, I mean to hide commands I don’t want to see in Menus.

And also I’d like to have a Menu or Panel with my Favorites commands. And I’d like to have an option in the Preferences to hide Tools in the upper part of the Context Menu.

And I’d like to have two different Context Menus in the Project window, let’s say first one is the one we have now and second (Alt+Right click) more case sensitive i.e. related to selected events only. For example if I have an audio event selected I’d like to see commands related to Audio Events only, I don’t wanna see “Add Track” or “MIDI - Freeze MIDI…”. I wanna see only actions that can be applied to this particular Selected Event, so if The Selected Event is not under cursor then function “Split at Cursor” must be grayed out…


Sorry guys,

but I still want it.

Very few Nuendo features make it into Cubase… once-in-a-while they do. As far as this one, I thought I would like to use that menu configuration, but it really wasn’t that useful, and the items I excluded I eventually re-included.

I would like to be able to re-organize menus to my liking, more than hide features.

A favorites toolbar would be good which can include any menu item or macro.

YES! +1

First, I want more powerful macros. I want to code them. I want them to do more functions than they currently do.
Second, create your own toolbars, using combinations of Cubase controls, macros, etc.

More control over the UI in general. Cubase is robust. Very robust. So much that there are many features that I don’t use and others do. I don’t want those things tucked away. I don’t want to create 50 shortcuts I won’t remember. I want to make my own toolbars, UI controls, etc.


Time to bump

+1 more options here. I prefer a logical custom menu