Customizable Toolbar

There are lots of different workflows, and for each project type (movie, series, podcast, audiobook) there are different commands I use often and macros I put together. But my shortcuts get out of hand. I’m really having trouble remembering all the stuff. And as I said, it also changes from project to project.

I would like an additional toolbar that can be floating or docked below the current toolbar, where one could put custom functions and macros into. I could configure a few toolbars, put in the most used functions in there, and open up only the one I currently need for the task. This way I would not need to remember dozens of changing shortcuts. Also they would not collide any more. Sometimes you want to give a frequently used function a shortcut Ctrl-G only to find it’s already taken by another one that’s similarly useful and “logical” to put on “G”. It would free up a lot of thinking, post it notes and other strategies to keep track of all the functions and would surface functions buried deep in the menus and make them a lot more useful.