Customization option for the track font type, size and color

This has been ranted before, but I really think it’s something that should be highlighted as I’m clearly far from the only one who thinks that the current track font is too big, too bright and just plain ugly!
This is annoys me to the point that it tends to impact my creative flow. Both C6 and 7 looked great in this aspect, so at least give those of us who don’t like the new track name “design” the opportunity to change it.
Rant over.

+1! Steinberg really needs to add font customization in their next update

Hopefully this is not overlooked and the next update will address that.

Along the line, I would appreciate an option to not decorate the track name on mouse hovering over.
Actually, I don’t want too see any hover-action in general, but particularly the track name is one of the most annoying things.



Font -colour- (text) for sure… especially in Inspector. Other font attributes? No.

I find font customization options to be highly unpredictable and add a slew of hidden variables to stability and gui structure… ie Fonts don’t always act right.

I would prefer not to add this particular can of worms at the moment, personally.

I mean… in a perfect world, +1, but seems like a slippery slope.

I’m not sure why the font size change etc. would have negative impact to the DAW stability. If there’s a stability issue, that has to be an OS issue, if I may guess.

Anyways, the major complaints seem to be in the specific fonts, for instance, the track name in the project view that some of us feel bigger (and to some, more cosmetically challenged). Not necessarily applied to the other UI, popup dialogs etc.
And even if an arbitrary font customization may do some harm, perhaps we could have some pre-defined customization, such as minimum, small, medium, or big (again, only to those main GUI elements).

At the minimum, even without a font customization UI provided, some of us may still appreciate if the font stuff appears in the config file (xml) and we have to directly edit the size etc. in there.

+1! Steinberg really needs to add font customization in their next update.