Customize MCU PRO with an 'ENTER' button (Solved!)

I have gotten the MCU PRO, VS-100 audio interface, and TouchOSC to play along nicely with each other as remote controllers for Cubase. And they all can be customized to reflect a few of the simple needs that I have.

there are 16 buttons on the MCU PRO that I can modify with the MCU PRO template found in Cubase under Remote MIDI devices. A few I can program to ADD a new audio track, a new MIDI track, and a new instrument track. Simple. But how do I add a button to do a simple “ENTER” or 'OK"??

I have been up and down the available options in the MCU PRO remote MIDI device template that is provided, and I can’t find where to add an ‘ENTER’ or 'OK" button. And I would also like to add a “CANCEL” button, but I don’t see that either.

Does anyone out there in Cubase land have any ideas? Surely this has come up before as a wish to add to the MCU PRO?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

So, searching through the forum I found this thread from 2012. The Cubase nomenclature for ‘Enter’ or ‘OK’ is ‘Confirm!’ and this can be found under the focus category. Also found here is the ‘Escape’ button! Thanks to those who started the thread in 2012!