Customize Resource Folders

I’d love to be able to select a custom folder for key commands, library files, etc., on Dropbox and other cloud platforms, so that my home and work Dorico installs could keep these items synced.

On macOS at least I believe you can use a symbolic link to make Dorico read the user data from another location.

Thanks Daniel. Having never done one before, can you or a fellow savvy Dorican confirm this would be correct?

In Terminal:
ln -s /users/[me]/Dropbox/[folder I create for this] /users/[me]/library/application support/Steinberg/Dorico 5

And then, when versions 5.5 and/or 6 roll out, I’d need to create a new link?

Or, can I direct the link one level back to /Steinberg/ and store the prefs, libraries and key command files there?

OK. What finally worked for me was to create symbolic links for each file in /users/[me]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 5. I used an open source service called “SymbolicLinker,” which made this much easier than Terminal. When a new version is released, I’ll need to remember to move this symlink to the folder that version creates.

All that said (and with due respect), this is a lot to ask of a typical end user and I’d love to see an option to select a custom path for these files added to a future version.

Bear in mind that some of the files there may have device-specific data: such as Window positions, recent files, filepaths. You don’t want two computers updating the application log files simultaneously, either. Nor the Auto-saves folder, probably.

…and you definitely need to be aware that the AutoSave path (which includes your username) is hard coded in preferences.xml. If your username differs between the two machines, you really can’t share this file or AutoSave will fail to work.

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@benwiggy @pianoleo absolutely agree with you both and thanks for the caveats. All I plan to sync are key commands, libraries, and project templates.