Customize Tabs

I’d really like to customize the tabs in the audio editor window, putting all the items I use regularly in one place. It would really speed up the workflow… Any way that can be done?

What do you exactly mean?

MyTab… to use the ‘popular’ terminology. A tab with commands I use all the time.

  • For instance

From the ‘EDIT’ Tab, I use ‘Crop’.
From the ‘INSERT’ Tab I use ‘Mute Selection’ (Why that is not under ‘Edit’, I don’t know)
From the ‘PROCESS’ Tab I use ‘Gain’ & ‘Loudness’

In my work, I use these constantly. MyTab would have these commands only.
Microsoft Office has some customizable menus and Adobe Audition allows certain groups and specific commands to be displayed in a ‘Shortcut’ bar.
It would speed things up.

Ok, in the WaveLab Terminology, these are called “Ribbon Tabs”.
You are not the 1st one with this request. But this will not appear in near future, to be honest.

Thank you, PG. That will be helpful.