customize tool bar presets...BUG?

Windows 7 64 bit

I take advantage of all 3 mix consoles which are continually open on my 3 screen set-up.

choose your mix console and right click (i continually choose mix console 3)
customize tool bar
set up
make time display visible. (I only want it visible in 1 of 3 consoles)
store the set up
hit OK
save project

When I re-open this project, the time display should show up in console 3 only. sometimes shows in all mix consoles. Other times it shows up in none.


And here is what it said at that link:

“This is how it works:
Before an issue can be labelled as a “bug” (and therefore entered in this section) the Steinberg developers need to be able to reproduce it. If you think you have found a bug, then start a topic in the regular Cubase 7 forums with a detailed description of the problem, along with your hardware setup.”

Am I missing something here?

What you quoted comes from an earlier post by Helge, not the link I posted.

While he didn’t edit the earlier Dec. 6 post, his later post requests that issues be posted in a newer subforum which was created on Dec. 11. I am suggesting you post to the Issue Reports Subforum.


Okay posted there…