Customize(un)ability of Cubase

Hi! Does anyone know, is there a possibility to do the following in Cubase?

  1. Change the direction of the horizontal scroll (shift+mousewheel scroll). Cubase made it so that when you scroll down with shift, you scroll to the left (towards the beginning of the timeline) and when you scroll up - to the right (towards the end of the timeline), which makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m so used to ProTools’ way. where it’s vice versa, and it makes sense to me. because it’s like, when you scroll a document down, you move towards the end of it.
  2. Change modifier key for horizontal zoom with mousewheel from ctrl to alt (also used to it from Pro Tools). I searched in modifiers menu but it wasn’t there.
  3. Turn off probably the most annoying (for me) feature of Cubase - if you scroll your mousewheel when your cursor is over a fader in Mix Console, it moves the fader! To make it even worse, moving faders doesn’t register as an action in undo list, and you cannot undo it! So, if you don’t remember what exactly your channel’s level was before you accidentally moved the fader - you have to re-adjust it again by ear.
  4. somehow move faders or automation points more slowly and by smaller values, achieving more precise numbers. In ProTools it’s done by holding alt while moving you fader or automation point. Sure, with channel levels, if you want precise levels, you can type them in manually, but this can’t be done with automation points.

AFAIK it happens only on PC. Not only Pro Tools, every other software for Windows on this planet does it the same way - only Cubase PC wants to be different.
It is like a giant middle finger right up the face of every Cubase PC user.

Hold the Shift key.

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Oh… =(

Thanks, it worked for the faders… But didn’t work for automation points

You could most likely do some of this with X-Button Mouse Control. If you feel like a new keyboard, the Logitech MX Keys is customizable per application.

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You can use the Info Line Value field:
Hold Shift, mouse-click and move the mouse up or down.

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Shift still doesn’t work, but I guess I can enter values manually there, so that fixes this issue. Thank you!

I am sorry, I got it the wrong way around. Klick first, then press Shift.
I am doing it for so long already that I am not even thinking about it anymore. I got the details wrong.

You can also try to hold Alt, click - a fader will appear. Now you can release Alt and press Shift instead for fine adjustments.


Oh yes, that worked! Thanks again!

x button mouse app for this one

Doesn’t it reverse the scroll direction throughout the whole app? Meaning that in Cubase my mousewheel will be inverted for all functions?

you can set it to act just when you press the shift key that is when you need horizontal scrolling.

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To your 1st question, I use AutoHotkey to deal with that for the Project and Key Editor Windows:

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If I want to adjust values in fine steps I use Shift+Mousewheel. Your AHK script would invert that behaviour, too?

Yes unfortunately you’re right it will.

It’s why the devs really need to make a proper invert option just for scrolling in the project, key and mixer windows without affecting faders or anything else that uses Shift.


I wonder why they haven’t addressed it still. I mean, I cannot be the first user to get seriously annoyed with this. And I remember being annoyed with this years ago on my Cubase 7! I worked mostly on Pro Tools since, now I’m kinda coming back to Cubase, and this issue is still alive and well

Hi! I have finally watched your video. Thanks for providing a detailed insruction, but what if I don’t have Visual Studio Code?

You don’t need Visual Studio Code. As long as you have a text editor (Notepad will work fine), copy the commands and save the file as a .ahk extension, then the rest of the instructions from the Autohotkey video should work as expected.

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I THINK alt-z is the undo command for fader moves in Cubase (they separate edit undos from mixer/fader undos). Lemme know if that works.
There are a lot of counterintuitive things in Cubase that I wasn’t ready for when I switched from another DAW. Even selecting overlapping events is made a chore. There’s so much good about Cubase but the things that suck REALLY do suck because of how frustrating they are.