Customized Duplicate audio montage is not creating clips with duplicate edits with WL11.1.10 update

Create New Montage > From Current File > Customized Duplicate audio montage is now not creating clips with duplicate edits on WL11.1.10
I recently updated to 11.1.10 and now the function of creating a duplicate audio montage from duplicate files that are identical but from a different folder isn’t creating a montage with the clips edited the same way.
*From doing some more testing, it looks like the specific problem is that the head edits are not being performed on the clips in the duplicate montage. A possible workaround until this is fixed would be doing the head edits on the actual source files and not in the montage, but this also makes it so that start points can not be adjusted in the montage so it’s not ideal.
This feature was working properly both with up and down sampled versions of the files before I updated. Now the new created duplicate montage doesn’t have the same edits even when the new source folder has the exact same files copied and at the same sample rate. I don’t have any plugins active on the clips. I’ve been using this function for years to create duplicate album sequences at different sample rates with the same edits for 44.1K streaming, 48K video masters and 96K Apple masters and now I have to manually edit multiple montages for the various release versions which is a huge loss of time. Please fix this so it works reliably as it used to. I upgraded to the activation manager-based license for this update so I’m not able to reinstall the previous version and use the e-licenser as the license has been transferred and the previous build did not work with the activation manager. Running on WIN 10 pro 64. Nothing else was changed except updating to the new version from the previous WL11 build. Thanks in advance for fixing this bug asap.

What do you call a “duplicate edit”? Please show an example. Thanks.

Hi, when you make edits to the clips in a montage and then create a customized duplicate from new files it used to recreate the montage with identical edits using new source files from a specified folder, also setting the sample rate according to the rate of the new files. Now the edits are not the same in the new montage, specifically I notice the starts of the clips are not trimmed as they were in the original montage that was used to create the duplicate.


Can you make an step by step procedure with Montage
from 44.1 kHz to 48 or 48 kHz to 96 e.t.c
with sample rate conversion right !?

regards S-EH

I did a quick test and could not reproduce a problem, the trims are forwarded.
Try to make a simple montage to pinpoint a problem.

Hi, i have done this on multiple new montages and the problem persists. Try doing some cross fades and fade ins on the original montage before creating the customized duplicate. I duplicated a montage using the create new montage > from existing montage > cutomised duplicate function using a new folder with the exact same files copied to it that were used in the original source montage and it still has the problem. The edits are not performed the same, the beginning of the clips are not trimmed the same as they were. This was a very useful and brilliantly time saving process when it was working and I used it very offen without any problems before the update. Thanks for your help trying to fix it.

When WaveLab 11.1 came out, a number of users had a problem doing simple file replacement due to something changing with the setting shown in my screen shot. I would see what yours is set to and perhaps change it to the opposite. Maybe that setting is also having an influence on Customized Montage Duplicates. I’m only on my laptop right now but I think I prefer to have that setting unchecked as you see pictured.

For me, I always bake in the processing at the highest sample rate so in my practice, there is only one file involved and it’s not trimmed so I don’t have any real world experience with your specific scenario but I wonder if this setting is affecting it.

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Hi Justin, thanks for your reply. You nailed it! I was separately thinking that this could be caused by the default pause being set for new montages but that wasn’t it. Deselecting the synchronize clip length with audio file option has fixed the problem :slight_smile: I am only using these montages in question for album sequencing, all of the processing on the files of the individual songs has been previously applied before importing them into these montages so there is no clip processing active aside from volume curves. I create a 96K 32F source master printed at -1dBFS with no limiting for each song, which I use as the vinyl cutting master source. I make a separate album sequence for the digital versions and this is where I use the customized duplicate function to duplicate the album sequence with the same edits and markers for the 96K, 48K, and 44.1K versions of the masters (I separately sample rate convert the 96K source masters to 44.1 and 48K manually using SOX, which is why I print the source masters as 32F -1 to prevent intersample peak clipping. With SOX as a command line program I can verify there is no clipping occurring during the rate conversion (in rare cases I have to reprint the source masters for each song at a lower level if any of them clip, which I make up for with the limiter or on the digital montages or the output gain for the vinyl masters. This process yields folders with identical source masters at different sample rates which I then specify when creating the customized duplicate montages. I do the final limiting and dither on each montage output depending on the destination format before printing at the appropriate output level, bit depth and sample rate. This way it’s fast and easy for me to make sequencing changes and then re-create the other montages from that without having to adjust all of the sequences separately. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SOLUTION! You have just saved me a lot of time. Sending you a virtual six-pack :slight_smile:

No problem. I have no idea what changed or why but when 11.1 came out, a number of people started having an issue when using the “Replace Audio File…” option where the sync of the file was changing compared to how it used to work for them.

Maybe a default setting was changed or a behavior changed for 11.1 but you’re not the only one to have this experience…you’re just the first person I know of that has noticed it with the Customized Duplicate feature which is one of my absolute favorite features of WaveLab.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted out.

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I admit this duplicate function should not be sensitive to that shift option. I will try to change this in WaveLab 11.1.30 (too late for 11.1.20).


Hi PG, Thank you for implementing that change in a future release. That might help someone else from having this same issue down the road, as I agree that one would not expect the sync file clip length option being selected to change the function of making an exact duplicate. I’m very happy that there was a way adjust the settings to make it duplicate the montage with the same edits as it did before. This customized duplicate function is such a time saver. Cheers!