Customizing Chord Notation and Playback

A chord containing the notes G, A, C, and F can be notated as F/G, G9sus4, or G11. When I play these notes in the chords jump bar, it is always displayed as G9sus4. What can I do to make Dorico write F/G by default?

As an extension of this, I also wonder how I can omit the third in a G11 in the chord playback. Such omission is common in many genres.

When you input a chord symbol via the MIDI keyboard, Dorico retains the notes you used to input it, and those are the notes that will be used for playback.

The options for how Dorico interprets the notes you play on your MIDI keyboard are found on the Chord Symbols page of Library > Note Input Options (Dorico Pro only).

Thank you. I was able to solve the first problem, but not the second. I still can´t find a way to omit the third in playback in a 11 chord when I write it with letters in in the chords jump bar.

You’ll have to specify G11(omit3).

I encountered an unexpected problem when I changed the setting for “Inversions or altered bass notes.” Although the G-A-C-F chord was displayed as F/G, the Em7 (E-G-B-D) chord was displayed as G/E. This means I have to revert to the previous setting and accept that F/G is displayed as G9sus4, a chord that my musicians might find unnecessary confusing. I hope you address this issue in future updates to Dorico.

You could manually type in the chord symbols that surprise you.

I’m not at my MIDI keyboard at present, but I think if you change this setting you will get Em7 rather than G/E:


I changed the setting you mentioned, but it didn’t solve the problem.

To detect all the chords and change them manually takes some time.

Ah, apologies, if you’re using “Prefer simpler chord with altered bass note” as well then yes, you’re right, using “Include in chord” won’t help.

If one has to change all the chords, one has chosen the wrong setting: one should choose the setting where one can make the fewer manual changes.

(You are fortunate if you can enter chord symbols via a MIDI keyboard. While I can enter notes via MIDI with no problem, often trying to enter chord symbols with the same keyboard has no effect. Why it sometimes works is a mystery; the results I get are so inconsistent that I have stopped trying to use it.)