Customizing drum maps #2

When setting up a new drum map (naming the lanes, etc), the drum lanes (pitch) are sometimes altering their order when clicking in the left margin to trigger the sample, and sometimes it’s impossible to drag them back into place.

Anyone else that have experienced this?

They can be dragged back, or edit the XML file to customise.

Thanks for chiming in. It was working better when I put the “zoom in vertically” slider to the max. The lanes stopped jumping around every time I was previewing a sound and it made it easier to drag the the lanes back into position. How to edit the XML file is probably pretty basic but still beyond my knowledge. Would be great if Steinberg added some kind of a “show/hide lanes” feature.

Hi, find a good XML editor and delete the lanes you don’t need. In fact it is quite simple to re-order lanes as needed. Let us know how you go.