Customizing General Appearance "Basic Color" Not Working?

Under Preferences - Appearance - Colors - General either “Basic Color” or “Desktop Color” is not working. The inspector, mediabay, track header (with colorize track controls set to minimum), dialog boxes, etc… are all stock Cubase blue/grey no matter what I change in “General - Colors”…

Can anyone confirm?

OK so I’ve been messing around with it a little more… it turns out its the “Basic Color” under General Appearance that I’m having trouble with. I tried an extreme setting like bright red and it does change it to red so I guess its not stuck on the the stock blue/grey color after all. I’m trying to get back the dark grey color I had before… but even if I set “Basic Color” to full black I still get that bluish grey color. Oh well, not exactly the end of the world. Other than that I’m loving this update, especially since I can now save and import group and fx channel track presets!

I’m having the same issue. No matter what lightness I set the general appearance, it stays the same depressing blue grey.

The ‘desktop colour’ only changes the background behind all the various Cubase windows i.e. if you have your windows maximised, you won’t notice any change.

True. Its the “Basic Color” I’m having the issue with though…

The ‘Basic Colour’ does give a very obvious colour change for me, however, it gives a tint to the grey colour, not a complete change to say 100% red. So, it sounds like the same behaviour you are experiencing. I’m happy with that myself but guess it’s a matter of personal taste. :slight_smile:

nothing for MC color control ? or some kind of contrast brightness controls ?
i hope im just missing it ! for me the MC darkness is the most problematic :ugeek:

Unlike “Desktop Color”, “Project Work Area Color”, “Project Grid Color”, “Project Cycle Color”…

The color shown in the box for “Basic Color” is not the same color you end up with in Cubase

Call me whatever you wish, but unless this is fixed, I’m sticking with my black GUI. :sunglasses: