Customizing Media Bay question

The other day I was previewing a bunch of Halion Presets and getting annoyed by the workflow of jotting down the names of possible choices. Then I realized that I could make this a lot easier using MediaBay.

First I created a custom Y/N Attribute called “OK-ish?”
Then I set MediaBay to “Allow Editing in Results List”
This now lets me mark any preset that has potential and then use the Logical Filter to list only those presets after I’m finished previewing.
Once a final selection is made I can clear all the OK-ish? tags.

This works fine in the MediaBay. The only problem is that using the full MediaBay is not a very good way to preview presets on an existing Instrument Track. That is much better done using the (unnamed?) MediaBay variant that opens when you click on the Program field on an Instrument Track’s Inspector. However in this view it doesn’t let me change the OK-ish? field, although changing Ratings works. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to allow editing in the results from this view. So close, but…


You are right, you cannot edit other, but the Rating value in the Preset Browser (unnamed MediaBay).

Why the rating doesn’t meet your needs, please?

Well then you’d loose the capacity to use the rating to actually give star ratings to items.

Ratings provide a a way to judge the general overall quality of an item. That’s not what I’m after with this. Rather I want to temporarily mark a handful of potential choices that might be good for a specific line right now. Then once a final choice has been made, clear away all the markers.

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