Customizing metronome sound with NotePerformer

What’s the right way to customize the metronome sound using NotePerformer?

In Play mode, I set the Time output to go to to one of the existing NotePerformer MIDI channels (those which are already used for the staves).
It works, but I don’t know how to either:

  1. Change the notes mapped to each beat - For me, in 4/4, the first beat plays a B and the second to fourth play a G; or,
  2. Map the meteronome sound to a separate MIDI channel, which I can configure with any sound I want. This could require a feature request from NotePerformer - unless there is a way to create a play track in Play Mode which isn’t associated with any of the staves in the sheet?


You can specify which midi notes (and their velocity) play the clicks in Play/Playback Options… I seem to recall some odd behaviour trying to get the Metr to work in NP… I’ll have another look later :slight_smile:

Playback options seem not to be present in Dorico Elements, unfortunately :frowning: