Cut and deleted all staff lines by accident, how to undo the cut or get the same staff lines back

Cut and deleted the staff lines by accident. How to undo the cut or getting back the original score with staff lines. How to use the clip board to get the lines back.

Immediately, just Ctrl+Z…
Anyway Edit > History and put the things where you want…

Oooops… and Welcome! :heart:

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Have you deleted the staff lines in all staves or just in one instrument? If just one instrument, the easiest way to remedy the situation might be to create a new Player and copy paste the notes into the new player’s staff.

Also this:

Deleted staff lines for piano. But how do I copy the staffless notes into the new staff (Cannot see the copy function when tje project is open)

(Without seeing exactly what you have in front of you…)

  1. Select the first note, then use Edit > Select to End of Flow.
  2. Edit > Filter > Notes & Chords
  3. Hold down ALT/OPT and click in the new staff just below (on the same beat as) the first note in the lineless staff.