Cut and move vs. FreeWarp

Hi everybody,

when I have audio content which is not correctly quantized, there are two options I know of (except recording again) to correct this:

I can cut the event into parts and move those to the correct position or I use FreeWarp.

While I know how to do this, my question would rather be: when would I choose which option?
Which are the advantage and disadvantages of those?

Thank you in advance…

Thanks, sounds interesting.
Will slip editing change pitch?

Slip editing is no different to cutting and moving - it’s just using modifier keys to make it a little slicker! It won’t help a jot if for example the audio is swung and the groove you want is straight.

Warping is quicker - even by hand, but will effect the sound quality. Sometimes its so little you won’t notice in a mix, other times it’s unacceptable.

Cutting it up can be laborious, but as the physical sound quality isn’t being effected, if it can be done it’s often the best course of action.

Thanks all

Also cutting may not be possible with sustained notes, warping is then often the better choice.
Percussive material like drums are easier to cut up and quantize/move.
So it’s really a choose of “what sounds best” for the audio you want to process.
And don’t forget to play around with fade in/out and X fade, when cutting up audio material.