Cut and Paste in Nuendo 5 on Mac

Does anyone know why cut and paste of text in the mixer section and most other sections no longer work in Nu5 on a Mac?



It works fine for me.


Any tips for resetting prefs or something that might be causing this?


you can always move the n5 prefs folder to the desktop. it’ll allow n5 to rebuild prefs from scratch. if you have n4 installed you should move the n4 prefs folder to the desktop too as n5 uses it to build it’s prefs.

hd>your home folder>library>preferences>

Thanks. I vaguely remember that trick.

I’m still having this problem. Trashing prefs fixes it, but as soon as I import my custom key commands, the problem returns and doesn’t go away until I trash the prefs again. I hope I don’t have to re-do all my key commands that I’ve been using since NU 1.


Please upload your custom key command xml file, so we can try to help you.

The forum wouldn’t let me upload an xml file so I had to compress it.

Thanks for the assistance. (16.1 KB)

Hi Doujet,

please try the following:

  1. Open the Key Commands dialog
    1a. Load your key commands
  2. Open the Folder “Edit”
  3. Search and select “Paste”
  4. At the right there is a table “Key”, there should be something like “Command+V” and “Option+v”
  5. Select “Option+v” and hit the little trash bin to remove the shortcut

Now it should work. Nevertheless, it seems to be a bug on mac.

Thank you! That worked.