Cut and Paste Quick Controls

Another newbie question from me - one of the big draws of Cubase for me is Quick Controls. However, I can’t find a way to cut and paste the Quick Controls from one track to another, any help gratefully received.

The manual is the best place to find newby answers. :wink:

Right-click in a QC pane and select Setup. I’ve baited the hook and casted the rod, the rest is in your court.

Hmm. I did both read the manual on Quick Controls, and found the setup dialog… none of which help me in this case? This seems to just save the options available in the track inspector. I tried saving the setup with my Quick Controls and loading it on another track, but nada. I also tried duplicating the track, this doesn’t do it either.

Anyone else with any ideas?

I don’t think you can copy and paste quick controls from one track to another unfortunately. I really think this should be a possibility however, be able to drag and drop quick controls between tracks just like we do for inserts since Cubase 4.

And what exactly does that accomplish in regards to his question?

The closest you can get is to save a Track Preset. (but, of course, that runs the risk of also loading lots of other stuff that you may not want on the new track)

Thanks all, and yes thanks Vic that does work! As you suggest, the problem now is that I can’t get it to not also apply stuff I don’t want. I’m building a large template with VE Pro, and I see the two options of “include midi channel” or “include midi patch”, and both seem to reset the VST destination and / or midi channel.

I’d have thought a very useful future feature is to extend the facility to extract only inserts or EQ from a preset so that you can do this with Quick Controls also - that would be problem solved.

Yeah Quick Controls Presets would be nice…Please Steinberg…

Forgot about this, yes vic is correct, as usual. :mrgreen:

You can create QC presets in Device Setup.

Ha, maybe not such a hopeless newbie after all, eh?!

I shouldn’t speak too soon though, perhaps. I can create a new track based on a track template with all the quick controls in place. So far so good, but I can only do this one track at a time - there’s no option to create several at once. Pretty boring when there’s 200 tracks to create. Also, for some reason I can’t then multiple select in the mixer and change all the outputs using control / shift like normal. Well, I can change the output globally, but not so I can auto increment the midi channel numbers like normal, which means doing them all by hand.

Either way, it looks tedious. I either create quick controls for every track, or I have to create each track singly and change the midi channel singly too. Kinda disappointing… it didn’t occur to me that quick controls were so limited in terms of cutting / pasting.

What’s the best procedure for a feature request?

Thanks guys - that’ll certainly save a bit of time.

It still leaves me with the midi channel problem. Being new still, I’m not 100% sure of the logic here. But if I create blank midi tracks, highlight them all and control alt set a midi / vst output, all the highlighted tracks auto increment by one. If I do this to duplicated tracks or tracks created by track presets, it doesn’t auto-increment.

It’s not the end of the world, but obviously trying to find the most labour-saving method early on.

Yikes - Bredo, I’ve just discovered this won’t work. For some reason Duplicate Tracks doesn’t work for Quick Controls - the names appear, but I can’t access them. Looks like a bug to me - can anyone else confirm? The only way of copying quick controls really does look like via the track preset. Pretty annoying.

EDIT - trying and failing to semi-automate what will otherwise be a horrifically tedious process. I’m trying to use Macros to do it the only way that works - using Track Templates. At some point though, I’ll want to press a carriage return (on the selected Track Template in the browser), and I can’t see a way of doing that. Unless someone has a brilliant idea, this literally looks like every single track needs to be set manually just to get the Quick Controls working. Very poor.