Cut audio events into slices following my Tempo Track?


Is there a simple way to cut an audio event into slices following my tempo track (cut at each bar)? If I try the option to hold down the Alt-key while using the split Arrow it Cuts at wrong places, the Cuts doesn’t follow my tempo track…

/Thanks from, Robin Gardner

I don’t think there’s any automatic way in Cubase to cut a track at tempo points. Perhaps someone can explain it if there is. I’ll have a look at this later and if I find anything useful on this, I’ll post it.

Okay, thanks Stephen for looking into it! I have my fingers crossed… Maybe theres a workaround?
/regards, Robin

There should be a way to create a macro to slice audio at curser/ advance to next bar (or beat) then repeat. I have a similar macro that slices at hitpoints.

You can do it manually or combine some commands in a macro.
Use B and N to skip the cursor and cut with Alt+X.

Wow, thanks all! I’ll try your advices when I get back home! Superduper!! :+1: