cut audio in audio editor

OK, so it is not possible for us to cut audio in the audio editor. congrats, smarty pants.

opening the audio in the editor and “locate next hitpoint” -> one cannot cut the audio here.
-closing the editor and using the “locate next hitpoint” command does not work in the arranger (to cut like that)… brilliant.

Locator and Start/end event markers sometimes do not snap to snap points (in audio editor)
media bay sometimes does not import with mediabay preview volume

i could post a bug a day for a long time… but i wont… please fix basic functionality.



You can Create Slices in the Sample editor automatically. These slices are based on the Hitpoints. You can also create events.

Or you can “locate next Hitpoint” > close Sample Editor > Split at cursor. You can make a Macro out of it.

Hi martin:)

That sounds like the best solution… Thank you for pointing it out.

That being said: why not add a scissors tool in the audio editor… Is it an audio editor or a waveform viewer? (Lol)

Anywho, thanks again for your help martin:) im off to whip up that macro now:)