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I’ve searched the forums and found a few threads stating that cut-away scores are something not currently supported but that the team knows about the request. Can i ask if this is yet planned for any known release? While I don’t use cut-aways often, I’m currently working on a project in which cut-aways would be useful - just wondering if I can hope for this to be released in the near-future or if I should attempt some sort of workaround (based on my composition deadline).

Example of a previous piece where i used a cut-away is attached.



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I second the request. These go back at least to Stravinsky, over 50 years ago.


It was mentioned a few times at the very beginning. cut-out score, long black lines with arrows on the end, wiggly lines, boxed text and music, floating staves (not lined up and maybe boxed in a way to not create a heirarchy, etc) have a long history and use for many of us. I started using dorico to compose music only to learn it, fully planning to use sibelius and even still leland smith’s score (still one of my favorites, but has to use dos retro fits). but dorico is intoxicating and find myself at the moment working on a big piece for a large ensemble. I gave these things up but have no need to trick and hide meters if I wish in dorico, use different meters in each part, and even unmeasured and metered music mixed together; and when it seems to notate compositional ideas in such a transparent and efficient way. It probably will take paid updates and even years (I hope not, but I am a realist) before these things become a reality (and how long did it take sibelius, if really ever as we would like?). when I finished with this project and dorico can’t handle what I am doing I will use what I have to use, but so far I find ways around any problems. great program, but it takes time and money. and having fun.

Cut away scores would be great.

Although the following example of mine is not strictly a cut away score, it is something that I would like to be able to do with Dorico.

I think you could reproduce that page reasonably easily in Dorico using music frames today, Paul.

agree that Paul’s example can be dealt with in frames easily enough. I think that my score is more problematic because of the connections/flow involved. It seems like the sort of thing that would be architecturally incredibly difficult for Dorico to pull off given that barlines are not, um, “programmatic frames” in the same way that they are in Fin/Sib, so i understand the challenge; just wondering if that’s a near-future tackle-able challenge, or if i should try to find an alternative way to deal with recreating my particular cut-away.

tried playing with frames and reading about it and do not see how the example is reproduced in dorico. I have dealt with frames mostly to create pages from systems in a score. can you point me to a reading source in dorico materials or forum (did a search and didn’t get an answer for this) or maybe suggest how it works and I will play with it?

Take a look at the page from John Cage’s “Number Pieces” that Anthony did a year or so ago, in this thread. If you open the project and look at it in Engrave mode you should see how it’s put together.

In the New Year, we will be publishing Ant’s latest video series, which covers page layout in great detail.

all good. thanks for all that you’ve done, guys. Dorico is fantastic, can’t wait to see how it continues to develop in the future.

thanks for the heads up on the cage pieces. will spend some time with it tomorrow (christmas day, everything closed and essentially snowed in).

happy holidays to all.