Cut cycle markers?


Any reason why we can’t cut cycle markers ? I would use that a lot.

I can imagine what your saying, but I can’t think of a use case for this. Curious… Why would you do that?

I have 2 exemples I use alot
1- you receive an EDL from a movie and some portions were made from other movies (archives, stock movies etc) So you get one cycle marker from the EDL export for the entire sequence and need to split it. Of course you can set range, analyse video for that sequence to generate cycle markers, then copy/paste it to your previous marker lane… but sometime it would be just faster to cut a cycle marker manually ( specially for 3 or 5 cuts)
2- Derush some audio for sound design, I use cycle markers above my derush audio track so I can add information that I need for sound design. Audio track and marker track are in a folder that is linked for edit. So every audio I move around has it’s marker following for fast reading. Resize audio event result in marker above beeing resize (good) But cutting audio does not result in cycle marker being cut…

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I also would find it very useful - i.e. to cut a long take in shorter sections. While it is possible with selecting a small range in the marker lane and cutting this - but it would feel more natural to do it with the cut tool.