Cut during playback using Vienna Imperial in Cubase Pro 9

Hello there,

Has anyone experienced some issues with Cubase Pro 9? I’m using it on my desktop with Windows 8.1. I never had any problems with Cubase 7 but now, I can’t because when I’m listening any recorded parts with VST, there are some cuts during the playback…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add an MIDI track
  3. Add Vienna Imperial VST
  4. Record a medium or long phrase
  5. Press play button
    -> During the playback, there are some cuts

I tried to change the buffer size, it reduces the quantity of cuts during the playback but there are still few cuts. And can’t record with a too high latency…

I’ll be happy to hear that there is a solution to fix the problem :slight_smile:

Best regards

I don’t have Vienna Imperial myself personally, but a couple of questions:

  1. Do you have the same issue with any other VSTi?
  2. In Devices, VST Performance, what are the meters reading during playback and what do they read during the dropout?

Hey Chris,

Thanks for your feedback. I hadn’t been noticed of your answer so my apologies for this quite long silence about this… :neutral_face:

  1. No it’s the only VSTi that makes this issue
  2. For VST Perfomance, in a very simple configuration (one instance of Vienna that read one simple melody and an other one for chords), when I play chords during a melody reading for example, the average load go to its top and that makes the cuts… The real-time peak seems to stay under the first quarter but it seems to reach the top too because the right side of the meter is red too.

I hope that will talk to you.

EDIT: quick info by the way, I’m using FL Studio as a plugin into C9. When I load a VSTi instance of Vienna Imperial into FL in plugin mode, no cuts issues. It’s very not practical because it demands a lot of editing but it’s the only thing I found to keep playing my VSTi. So I hope there is a solution to it.


Have you contacted Vienna at all on the issue?

In Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, what is your ASIO Driver? What is your input latency? Does the hard disc meter move at all? If you increase the buffer size on your audio interface, does the performance get any better? Thank you.

I have Vienna imperial and Cubase 9 pro. No problems here.I can set the polyphony to the max and the 2sus feature is turned on and everything runs fine.

Having GUIs from Vienna Instruments opened gives me audio dropouts/underruns. When I look at a DPC latency graph it will have spikes on those moments. However, with the GUI closed it seems to mostly go away.

I have small clicks only when the GUI from my focusrite 18i8 is open (Focusrite mix control).

Hi guys, thanks for sharing your experience with Vienna Imperial and Cubase Pro 9.

Chris, yes I posted the same topic on Vienna’s forums. No news to date.

But, by going back on my Vienna account last night, I figured that there was a new version of Imperial VSTi, created in 2016. I updated it, tested it in context with some other VSTi in C9 and the first test seems to be good. It was a quick one because I didn’t have the time but I’m going to go further today. It’s in a good way though.

I keep you posted very soon.

Ok, I confirm that the problem was the old version of the VSTi. I’m using v 1.1.778 now and everything’s fine.

Thanks to everybody for your precious help.

Best regards!