Cut Head / Cut Tail in Cubase

Dear, Steinberg.

I switched to Cubase quiet a long time ago around 2014. Some of the features in the DAW software I used before had this feature and I still miss it everytime I edit audio in Cubase.

I hope it comes down to Cubase, not just for Nuendo.

Thank you.

Unless I’m missing something, this exists.

Unless, maybe you’re talking about doing it with mouse cursor?

It exists in Nuendo, but not in Cubase.

No it exists in Cubase as well as a key command.

Can you show me what commands does that?

I’m pretty sure it’s literally called Cut Head Cut Tail

No, my friend. It does not exsit in Cubase.

Thank you anyway for your help.

Are you using Pro?

Yes, I use Cubase 11 Pro.

I’m looking at my key commands right now.

‘Cut Head’

‘Cut Tail’

They’re both there.

I will look for it,

Thank you.