Cut Head splitting MIDI


I’ve spent easily in total 20 hours trying about a million workaround to do a simple thing. I want a Cut Head function that:

  1. Splits the MIDI Events inside a region (instead of just moving the region start, leaving MIDI events left outside the region)
  2. Keeps fades intact in Audio
  3. Works on mixed content consisting of both Audio events and MIDI parts.

If “Cut Head” would split and delete all MIDI it would work. But it doesn’t. Even though “Split MIDI events” is selected in Preferences.

It’s almost as if Nuendo is deliberately designed to prevent me from creating this. I’ve tried workarounds with PLE chains, LE chains, macros, cycles, ranges, split under cursor, split loop, filter audio, filter MIDI, filter on parent selection, blabla. I always end up at a dead end, due to either Nuendo’s poorly designed macro function or bugs that are never fixed.

I almost solved it using the “select events under cursor” function, but then it turns out Nuendo has a bug that – depending on zoom level – selects the wrong events.

Can anyone give me a hint how to both split and get rid of MIDI content that is outside a region? It seems splitting is not part of LE functions.