Cut Itself???

i have created an 808 sound that slides my problem is that when i move to a section that does not have this it still roles onto it creating wobbles with the new bass in that section is there anyway of cutting that spilled sound like an FL Studio Cut itself feature. This is really annoying me so if any1 knows a solution I would be very grateful

Are you usning GA4 SE? Do you have any more infos on your setup?

From the GA4SE manual page 45:

Exclusive Group
This allows you to assign a pad to one of 32 exclusive groups. Pads within a
group are never played back simultaneously. When a new note is played, the
previous note stops.


I created the sound on retrologue and the problem is when i add another bass on after the 808 the run off of the sound makes a bad low end sound. I wondered if without laying another note i could cut it off before the second bass enters

And, just to add, you could use an pad with no sample assigned to it, yet, if it is in the same “exclusive group,” it will stop the sound but play nothing.

Did this work for you?

I have no idea what you are talking about. :smiley:
If you want the retrologue to cut itself you need to set the polyphony to 1. You could then cut a note with another note that has a velocity of 0.