Cut multichannel drum recording in Cubase Artist

Using Cubase 12.0.40 I record a drumset with 7 Microphones. I Organize those 5 mono channels + 1 stereo channel in a folder track.
If I click a recorded multichannel drum part as seen on the folder track I go into a waveform editor. There I see 3 waveforms, one coloured and two grey, smaller waveforms.

  1. What do these three waveforms depict?
  2. When I select a range and cut, only the coloured big waveform moves, not the two grey ones. What does that mean? I expected all 3 waveforms to move.
  3. Is cutting multiple tracks at once a cubase pro exclusive feature?

Thanks in advance

If you opened the sample editor by double clicking on the folder events display, you should have all the waveforms events displayed, only one (selectable with the the Activate Clip for Editing option) being the ‘colored’ one, the other ones appearing more or less as fainted.

How is the setting of this one (Clip Editing Mode) ? Should be Edit all clips, for what you want to do, and from what I see of Cubase behavior here :


I guess not : grouping events is also an Artist feature, but group editing isn’t. But anyway, it doesn’t seem that grouping/ungrouping event changes something in the Sample Editor behavior. Beside this, I don’t know if you get the same warning, but when I select a range and attempt to cut it, I get this :


If I choose New version, I get a new clip for the event processed with the same length of the original one, the others being reduced in size. if I choose Continue, all the clips are reduced accordingly to the previous range length. But in both cases, all the events are cut, as long as the Clip Editing Mode is set to Edit All Clips.

At the end, all this is rather confusing, I must say… :thinking:

Ok, thank you. You helped me with that “Edit all Clips” selection. I wasn’t aware of that. It was already checked though, and when I cut only the middle waveform moves.
But when I go out of the sampling editor and undo/redo the cut, I see the parts (or is it called clips? - actually using the german version) getting shorter and longer. So obviously all clips are cut even though it is not displayed.



I think I can explain to myself now why I see three waveforms: The one in the middle is the sum of all mono clips and the ones above and underneath are the two channels of my only stereo clip:

I don’t know what grouping events/group editing is, but it is probably not important now.
I don’t get your warning about use of the same audio material. I would suppose that warning should only occur if you copied a part in the main view and therefore use the same audio recording at least twice.