Cut/paste folder tracks problem

I’m working on the arrangement for a project. It started in a previous version of Cubase and just recently, I made the jump to Cubase 10 Pro and it opened fine. Some plug ins were lost, usual minor details, but I’ve managed to get it all shipshape. The issue now is that when I select a whole section of the arrangement in order to move parts around, I find that I can’t always cut certain folder tracks. I can manipulate the individual contents of the folder, I can cut the folder at some points, but not others. It only happens with 2 out of 7 folders. I’ve checked inside the folder track and the individual track parts are all correctly split at the point where I would like to make the cut, so the issue isn’t there. Any suggestions? It’s happened in a couple of older projects that I’ve imported.


What happens, if you try to cut and it’s not possible? Any cursor information? Do I understand you right, the child tracks are cut, just the parent folder is not? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Yes correct, I try to cut and it simply won’t let me. I can make cuts at some other positions on same folder track. I can cut other folder tracks. I can cut individual tracks inside folder track. I can post screenshot later (my studio computer not internet connected).


How big is the range, where you can’t cut? Are these rather a samples or beats or bars? Isn’t the cut just snapped?

I can’t cut at exactly that point/beat/bar. I can cut very near it, at other points, other bars, the bar before and after, just not at that specific bar and a few other places. I can’t figure out the pattern, which are the points that are not working for cutting. And why on these two folder tracks but no problem with the other ones.

Only workaround so far is to cut elsewhere, move, then open folder track and manually move the tracks inside. Very slow and cumbersome.