"Cut Time" with time-based markers


How can you cut a measure project-wide (all tracks) without affecting markers on a time-based Marker Track?

Example: you’ve got a time-based marker showing you a frame in a video where the cue should end. Your project’s end arrives one measure too late. You want to cut a measure somewhere in the middle. You select IN & OUT, Edit > Range > Cut Time, and the timecode marker moves one measure to the left. Which is silly.


I presume you are using the Select tool.

If you use the Range tool to select the area you want to cut out, only the selection will be altered.

OK, that worked, although I have to select first and shift-click last track and this can be annoying with a large template. But at least it works! Thanks a lot.

If you turn on “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” that will reduce steps- then, you just need to deselect the track you don’t want to affect. There is a key command to toggle that preference also.

Turning on “Cycle Follows Range Selection” is worth looking into too.

I have “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” turned on, but I don’t see how it affects this action. What I did following your first reply:

  1. Select the Range Tool.
  2. On the first track of the project, click-drag to “paint” a measure (using snap).
  3. Shift-click the last track of the project (you get a vertical blue painted zone).
  4. Cut Time.

At no point are event selected in the project (they don’t turn black). From what I understand, “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” selects tracks when one or several events on are clicked with the Select Tool, but I may be wrong…

Events are not selected per se with the range tool. Ranges are. The tracks get selected if the range selection includes them.

The point was that you could ‘lasso’ the area you need to cut.

You could also set your locators to your in and out points, then

  1. invoke Select in Loop,
  2. deselect the track you don’t want to affect.

Ah yes, Select In Loop is a nice once… Thanks again!