Cut when using mute tool - Update suggestion


I’we been wondering since Cubase 4 why I can’t use the alt+click to slice up a track while using the mute tool.
I’we got some projects with 10 tracks of brass players all playing the same part, and want to listen to every note and mute the ones that aren’t well played, so I listen to every track and mute the notes by cutting out the note and muting it with the mute tool…the problem is that I have to change to the select tool every time i wan’t to make a cut!

Would it be possible to add the same alt+click option when using the mute tool as when using the select tool?


btw. can I change back the ctrl+scroll wheel to beeing scroll time instead of zooming…i’m going crazy with this change!

+1 for the mute tool change.

Some tools besides the pointer can be used to select notes.