Cutaway and xml

I hope the Dorico creators work on making cutaway scores and also being able to import such in xml. I have a project that requires this and a xml file with a cutaway.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on such thing. We know cut-away scores are in the Team’s scope, but probably for a major version feature, and not necessarily the very next major version, which is probably not coming in the next coming weeks!

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I’m not sure how well cutaway scores are handled in general by MusicXML. I may be mistaken (my knowledge of MusicXML minutiae is not encyclopaedic) but I don’t think there’s a canonical way to encode cutaways in MusicXML, which means that the file will very likely have some quite idiosyncratic encoding produced by the application from which the file was exported.

If it’s easy to remove the cutaways in the source application and re-export the MusicXML file, that’s what I would suggest in the first instance.

However, as you know, Dorico itself doesn’t yet support cutaway scores. This is certainly something that we will support in a future version, however.


That’s what I did. Thank you