Cutting and moving

I spend most of my time on cubase cutting recorded tracks of spoken word. Of course I record several track (each one is a topic) and then go back and start cutting out mistakes and pauses etc. on individual tracks. So I am not using Cubase as a Multi-tracker really.
Quite often I want to move everything on the track that I am working on using “Select all from cursor to end” in order to pull what ever is beyond the cursor back to where I am now working.
If I do this though, it marks ALL tracks and pulls “other” maybe finished tracks with it. This ruins the positioning of finished tracks. I used to mark finished tracks and convert them into one part, but I´ve got out of the habit of doing that because sometimes things didn´t quite work out the way I´d planned.

Is it possible to “Select from cursor to end only on the track I am working on

I thought muting the other tracks would help, but it doesn´t.

And it may be a simple mistake, but Cubase has become so huge I could spend weeks looking for the solution. Please help.


OK. Well a few people have looked at my problem, but noone has helped yet. Have I simply missed a shortcut or something?
All I want to do is " Select from cursor to end, ONLY on selected track"
Does that work at all?

Thx for any tips

Not sure if such a function exists, but if it doesn’t you can create it using the project logical editor.

Thanks Strophoid,
unfortunately I am only using Artist, which excludes me from the usage of such a Project logical editor.

I´ve been thinking about the way I work with Cubase and the way Cubase is designed to work. It would seem that I´m probably a bit off the line really. Can´t imagine anyone else using cubase for just 1 track at a time. That´s not the only usage I have of it of course, but quite a large one. I think it would be great if such a function could be put in, or maybe just a shortcut. I tried “edit/select all from cursor to end” while holding down diverse shortcut buttons, but unfortunately it had no affect.

Didn´t some things on earlier versions only have an affect on non muted tracks?

Anyone else care to join in?

What happens if you lock the tracks you don’t want moved?

“unfortunately I am only using Artist, which excludes me from the usage of such a Project logical editor.”

Does Artist allow you to make macros? It seems like this function should be fairly easy to cook up.

Hi Split.

Thanks, that could be a reasonable thing to do. Must try it out. That´s a function that I´ve never used yet.

I’m not saying it’ll work, just throwing ideas about.

Well it does work in as much that nothing on the locked track moves. But it´s still something “extra” that has to be done in what is actually a reasonably slim workline. But if I remember to lock “finished” tracks that would be all I´d have to do.
Thanks for the tip.

I´d still love a “Select from cursor to end ONLY on this track” function :wink:

Hold down Shift. double click the first clip you want to move, all clips to the right on that track should now be selected. Move selected clips.