Cutting Bars

Hi all,

how do I cut away bars (shorten the piece)?

Sorry to ask as I should be able to find this function in the manual myself… but I didn’t. I looked in the help menu for ‘shorten’, ‘cut’, ‘set ending’, ‘bars’, ‘delete’ but nothing matched.

I saw in the video that it’s now possible to set the shortcuts for note length via midi. Great! Is it possible to set dotted note lengths there too (i.e. note F#0 for dotted quarter note)?

I can’t find some (more) things in the manual… I don’t know if they are already there and I’m just too blind to find it or if the are still on the ‘to do’ list :wink:
Just to be sure:
Is realtime recording available?
Is it possible to set time keeping slashes in lead sheets?

Thanks for help

Best, Torsten

Use the Trim Flow command.

Found it! Thanks :slight_smile:

The manual is not comprehensive at this stage, and the answer to your two last questions is no … :slight_smile: