cutting down a long recording

I have a live recording of a 1 hour long free form improvisation.
We don’t want to use everything so we made notes like
Track1: 2:57 - 7:46
Track2: 7:47 - 11:32
Track3 12:34:07 - 15:41:96
Track4: 16:48 - 21:25
Track5: 22.34:10 - 27:29:85 etc…

It supposed to end up sounding like one continuous recording, but if I cut out the music that we don’t want to use the notes will be wrong and I will get lost :unamused:
How would you guys go about doing this ?

First make a copy of the original so you can get back to the start.

Method 1

Cut and delete the parts you don’t want starting from the end - that way none of the values in your timing notes change until after they are already cut.

Method 2

Make all your cuts at the times you’ve notated, but don’t delete anything. After all the cuts are done delete the sections you don’t want & move the stuff you are keeping so it becomes one sequence.

Great ideas! - Thank’s raino :slight_smile: