Cutting mutiple audio events?

I am running Cubase LE AI 8 and for some reason I cannot choose multiple audio events (tracks) simultaneously so they are cut at same time and so I can move them all together to where I need them on the grid. In the past versions of Cubase this was very easy to do, I would hold the shift key and click on all the tracks I needed to cut at same time, they would then be easy to move where ever I wanted. Yet on my Cubase version, this is no longer possible. Is there an issue or am I doing it in correctly?

And yes I have read the manual and it’s been of no help.


Are you talking about the Tracks or the Audio Events, please? These are totally different objects. My expectation is, you are talking about the Audio Events (if you want to cut them).

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable Preferences], please?

Maybe a screenshot might help to understand, where the issue could be.

Yes, individual audio events.
How do I start Cubase in Safe Mode?

There were some workflow changes introduced… more tools, more options… so some things have changed a bit

it depends on how do you select the events or which tool is enabled…

Have you got any suggestions as to what I can try and what options are available?

make a screen shot first… so we can find out what are you trying to do

Okay have uploaded screen shot. As you can see, I want to be able to cut the section (the audio events simultaneously) where the scissors are and then move the the audio events all at the same time to the beginning of the grid.

How do I do it?


Select the Audio events in the arranger area. Move the bottom-left corner to cut or use the Scissor tool (and then select and delete unwanted events). Then (again select and) move all the events.

Thanks Martin.
Pardon my ignorance, but what is the ‘arranger area’ and where is it?

He means the track list and event display area
where you can arrange your events in a timeline

Looks nothing like my set up! Still have no idea where the ‘Arranger’ section section, it does not mention it in your link to the manual.

Then you must use a different software…?
But your screen shot is showing the project window…hmmm

Why do you ignore my try of clarification? I didn’t mentioned an “arranger section” btw

Yes I am using Cubase LE AI 8.

I did not ignore your clarification, I appreciated you trying to help. But if I don’t understand or can see what you’re trying to show me, then how can I try your advice?

I’m speachless…

Thanks Martin, solved! Much appreciated your help.