Cutting out bars and merging the rest


Suppose I’ve recorded some MIDI in C6.5 which is 50 bars long. I want then to cut out bars 10 to 15 and move bars 16 to 50 to tag them on to the end of bar 9. Deleting 10-15 is no problem. At the moment I collapse 16-50 to get all of it onto my screen and right click and Ctrl to move it all to the left to fit end of bar 9. It’s very fiddly and not easy to achieve. Need I collapse at all ? Can you use the left and right markers somehow to make life easier ? In fact, how would you squash 16-50 up to end of bar 9 ?



Just bumping this one along. Is there anyone who can give a solution as to how to squash bars 16-50 in my example to tag onto the end of bar 9 ? My perhaps rather ham-fisted attempts, although they work, are very time consuming and I’m certain there must be short-cuts if I knew how.

Can anyone quickly chip in to get me under way ?

Many thanks.