Cutting Out Sections

I think I’m having an off day today! I have a section in a wave file I want to delete, but I don’t want the part left after the deletion to move forward in the time line and shorten the overall length (because its part of a multitrack recording) of the wave file.

I know I have done this before, but maybe in Cubase, or was it in the montage? So it’s pretty basic but how is it done in WL7. You know a manual would be handy, that was one of the good things about Wavelab that made life so easy, or an index that covers everything, not practical though I would imagine.

Edit I dont want to insert silence (mute) I want to replace the section with something else or timestretch a section before it.

If you don’t want silence and you don’t want the part on the right to move forward in time, all you can do is create a region, and do what you want later. But then also this thread has a wrong name… You say “I know I have done this before”, but I guess it can only have been in the montage.

Maybe it’s best to use the montage anyway, since it’s non-destructive so your source audio remains intact. Cut the clip in two (scissors icon when hovering upper part of clip) and take the end of the left part and drag it to the left: voilá - no silence in your file but yet a section ‘cut out’.

Luck, Arjan

Arjan the problem with having many software applications, and I am really a musician whose day job is technical but I can see the technical side far enough when it comes to creating music, is that they are all intuitive in some ways.

In this instance I needed to highlight a section, press delete, and then fill the gap with something else.

It’s maybe PT8 or Live or something else that lets you work that way, but when you have used it already then you kind of expect it. Wavelab I always consider to be solid and reliable, but a bit quirky and clunky but giving great results.

This version is propably just as good as the previous version but it’s driving me bonkers, probably because I don’t use it 24/7 like some people.

Select and press the Backspace key, no?

I reverted to WL6 on this, select, right click, mute, too easy, then select, copy, ovewrite.

The backspace on WL7 is even easier I suppose but I see its also available on the right click! I must have assumed I had already tried it or something. I don’t quite understand how I missed that. :blush: