Cutting quicktimes and creating new quicktimes

Can Nuendo cut the movie file on the Movie track and create a new movie at a shorter length for me to replace the audio?

This would be very useful when I need to make a short file out of a 42 minute movie.

I know I can edit the picture in quick time and then bring it back in, I could also go for a walk, send an email or start working on the next cue.

If not lets create a “bounce to movie file” in the bounce prompt please.

Thanks for listening.


I often do simple edits of video files on the video tracks in nuendo 6.0.6 if working on a section or wanting to trim test signal or clock off the front. Nothing fancy - just using the same edit tools as I do when cutting and trimming audio files.

Big plus 1 for the QT movie export function! I wish I could export QT previews for clients. This is a daily pain in the back.