Cutting silence from marker regions

Hello, I was wondering if anyone might know how I can do this in WL.

I have a dialogue file with silences of approx 3 seconds, each silence section has a marker region (start and end) that is the amount to be cut.

Is there anything in WL that will cut the marker regions while maintaining the original file?

I have used auto split but I don’t see an option in there to cut the specified markered regions while keeping the whole file, as I don’t want to split into files, i just want to cut down the markered regions of silence with having to do this manually. Thanks!

You mean, remove the audio ranges, or mute the audio ranges?

Possibly? Basically I have a file, I’ve placed generic start and end marker in certain places, in between those start and end markers, the audio needs removed

It’s a pity that it’s not possible to do it directly, but I have a trick. This is handy if you have many regions.
You use these settings:
This create a montage with the ranges removed, then you render the montage as a new audio file.


Looks great, about to try it!