Cutting Track Parts

Been doing this since I’ve owned CB but in a recent project, it seems that even when I cut at zero crossing, I’m still getting a little click when the song passes that spot. This happened with not all, but many of the cuts that I made on audio parts in that project. Most of the time I had to use cross fading but I shouldn’t have to do that if the cut is at zero. I had to keep cutting more of the part off till I got to a spot where it wasn’t clicking.
Any thoughts as to why this is happening? All my other projects seem to be working fine as far as this is concerned.

Mono or stereo file?

All 3 audio tracks are mono and all 3 had the same problem. Electric rhythm, classical acoustic rhythm and acoustic lead melody/solo.

Have you checked for a DC offset?

No, I hadn’t. Where do I locate that? Is that an offset that allows for latency? Offsets the track so I’m not cutting it where I think I am?

DC offset

You can look at the statistics and remove any with off line processing.

Just throwing some ideas around.

Thanks split! I’ll browse through this on some off time.