Cutting up notes in bulk?

If you drag the chords on a Chord Track onto a MIDI or Instrument Track it will create the chords there as actual MIDI notes. Seems like this could be a real time saver on constructing more extensive parts. However, assuming you have a chord on each bar, what you end up with is a series of whole note chords. I’d like to cut them up into at least quarter notes to start with. I could just select them and cut them up every quarter note, but that is going to get tedious real fast. I’m wondering if there is a way to do this in bulk. I looked at the logical editor, but nothing jumped out as a solution there. Any ideas?

Right off the top of my head- logical editor, half speed x2, select all and ctrl-D 3 times…


Edit: ok, fastest way i can think of atm is LE- doublespeedx2 - select all events - drag to 1/4 size and ctrl d 3 times…

Im sure a LE guru has a better solution… Im also new to it… Surely there is (or should be) a formula for it
(double speedx2, SMF-extract bar rangeX to new midi parts).


I’ve been searching for this function too. There must be a better way to slice up the highlighted event into the desired quantize.

Close and a good start. Ctrl-D doesn’t work as it appends the duplicated notes to the end of all the notes in the part, not each individual note (i.e it doubles the number of measures). But it got me to the solution. It takes 3 logical presets run in sequence to do this. Then I created a macro to run the presets in the right order. Below are descriptions and screen shots of each section.

This Logical Editor preset takes the whole notes and reduces their length to a quarter note
Whole to quarter note preset.JPG
This preset takes the quarter note on beat 1 and duplicates it into beat 2
Beat 1 to 2 preset.JPG
And this final preset takes the notes on beats 1 & 2 and duplicates them into beats 3 & 4
Beats 1 & 2 to 3 & 4.JPG
Apparently there is a 3 attachment limit, so see the next post for the macro image

And here is the macro
Split whole to quarter macro.JPG
Which you can assign to a key command. :smiley:

FYI if you are in the Key Editor and don’t select any notes this (and any preset for that matter) will work on all the notes.

Also since dragging the chord track onto a MIDI track creates a new part for each chord, make sure to glue them all together before trying to split the notes.

Unfortunately this is a brute-force method and doesn’t slice at the quantize points. Now that would be cool.

I tried the above described method yesterday for 1 chord. But it only made my whole note shorter and moved it to the back of the bar. I was kind of hoping for splitting the whole note into 4 equal parts. Am I doing something wrong here?

Open Key Editor. Set grid to quarter notes. Select all the notes. Use the split tool. Hold down the modifier key for “Split repeated” (as specified in Preferences>Editing>Tool Modifiers>Split Tool). Split a note at first quarter note division. Done.

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Thanks for reply, I try it as soon as I get home. It looks like I might have forgotten to set the grid to the right length.

7 years later you helped me - cheers :slight_smile: