I sometimes sit for hours in front of my cubase artist, cutting spoken tracks, taking out the mistakes and pulling the tracks together to form some sense. It mostly works quite well but occassionally something goes wrong and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. Like most things in Cubase it´s undoubtably a user mistake…so… can anybody tell me where I go wrong? here´s the problem.

I cut the audio tracks, taking out gaps and badly spoken parts and pulling the “Tape” back over the previous part. Sometimes though, the “tape” that I pull over doesn´t go in front of the previous part, but BEHIND it. WHY???
So: Say I muck up the word “silly” I repeat the word when recording and cut the repeated word back OVER the one I messed up. it´s no use to me though when the repeated word is then behind the messed up one. What am I doing wrong. It seems to happen completely randomly…

Thanks for any help. I´ll be here for hours if I don´t get it sorted out.

Think I´ll do a restart for starters…see if that helps.

can`t realy grasp what your talking about . but are you saying that pieces of audio are not staying where you move them to ,in that case have you turned off the “snap” button .

No. it´s much simpler than that. When I pull a piece of audio over a previous one, it ends up “behind” the previous segment it must though be on top.

By the way, since I have posted this, it´s back to normal again…

Would still love to know why it happens.

i know what your talking about now, it has happened to me a couple of times recently ,when doing a few takes on the same thing ,i don`t know why that happens might be to do with the far left of the transport bar/normal ,merge ,replace, options. would like to know.

Pleased I´m not alone then. Thanks! I don´t feel quite so stupid now …if it happens to others!

I also have experienced this behaviour. It seems to be random but at least you set the desired event to front manually. Or unfold lanes (if it looks too confusing with many clutterd events try the clean-up-lanes function).